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Lets h'EAR' them.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

VANI (Verbal & Auditory Needs Initiative)

Adding Hearing (Śrāvaṇa: श्रावण) and Speech (Vāṇī: वाणी) to Time (Source:

Hearing rehabilitation involves providing training and treatment to the people with decreased hearing to improve their listening and speech. This process can include screening for hearing defects and the use of hearing aids, surgeries, and other strategies to support communication.

Here at DGS, we assist our elderly community to get screened for hearing difficulties and help them get the required support in a timely manner. Under VANI program, we arrange ENT consultations and coordinate to fulfill the advice given by the ENT doctor.

We identified our first beneficiary. Initial ENT tests were done. The patient required hearing aid, and was thus referred to AP government hearing aids distribution scheme. On 19th July 2023 we were able to get the hearing aids from the Government Office. And here she is with improved hearing. I closed her eyes to avoid lip reading and asked to repeat my name which I am sure she had never heard as they only know me as 'madam' and she did it. It was a joyous moment for all of us. Very happy to share with you! Have posted few photos of the same on DGS Facebook Official Page (Facebook: Handle: Dgs Trust).


Dr. Seema,


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