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“My Body My Wish”

Is it about wearing clothes that are comfortable, properly fitting, and protecting from environmental harm or following a trend to make yourself comfortable, fitting in the so-called modern society around you so as to protect yourself from self-built complexes? Does modernization or liberalization apply only to the outfits we wear? Is it just for our outer we? What about our inner thoughts? Are we free of our complexes, status issues, or comparisons from the inside?

It is said that to wear a dress that shows your body parts/outer you, with a purpose or even casually, requires a lot of confidence to conduct and carry it on your shoulders, especially when you’re from a “conservative” society. But how many of us are confident enough to show or express what we are actually from inside without any hindrance, expectation, diplomacy, or complexity, that doesn’t change as per the situations or surroundings, especially, if you are from a “conservative” society? Hey! Is this related to culture or heritage? (different discussion)

Why do we make these choices? Is it to make your presence felt? Does wearing a revealing dress make you more authoritative and listened to? Have you judged anyone because of how they looked from the outside? Are you scared of getting judged?

What is more important is ‘the perspective’. To consider things as necessary or unnecessary rather than right or wrong. Is there a need to impress or to follow a trend to be a part of the larger clan? Is it not better to, ‘Be a Trend’ that everyone wants to look up to or seek, that makes a small difference in someone else’s life, that makes you truly attractive? Make yourself beautiful, longing, and sexy, from the inside. Let others focus on your inner strengths or even weaknesses. Do not try to hide them. That is what needs to be shown. Let the world look at you for what you are and not for what you look like.

When we say “my body, my wish” what does that mean? Because the trend is highly sensitive and broad. It doesn’t stop at having the freedom of wearing a piece of clothing of your choice. Are we open about this fact? Are we ready to speak about this with our parents or partners? Is “Modern-ness” or “Higher socio-economic status” demanding a lot from us? Are we losing ourselves to this challenge or race?

What about the underprivileged and marginalized? What about their wishes and choices? Do they have the freedom to at least wish for good food, education, healthcare, sleep, and proper clothes to cover and warm them? What about the choices of those women who are abused physically or mentally? Is someone else getting victimized because of our choices? Aren’t these things more important than spending so much time and money to maintain our hairy, decomposing bodies just to Show Off?

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